Interlocked Squares

Square Dance Club

Cupertino, California

Dance Standard

Interlocked Squares Dance Standard - What Is It?
Interlocked Squares Dance Standard - How Can I Achieve It?

Places You Can Get More Practice

Summer 2014 Supplementary Workshops

On Saturdays or Sundays, called by Stephanie Langhoff.

Stanford Quads

Sunday Evenings in Palo Alto (Harlan Kerr and Bill van Melle)
APD Plus 7:00-9:00pm, Advanced and Challenge tips starting at 9:00pm
also summer Challenge Concepts Workshop (write to for more info)

Other C-1 Dancing

El Camino Reelers (Palo Alto), Midnight Squares (San Francisco) and Redwood Rainbows (Sebastopol)
include some C-1 in their weekly schedules -- check their web sites for details.

PACE offers an all-day (Saturday) program of C-1 called by an out-of-area caller every other month.

Multi-day conventions/festivals give you a chance to get lots of practice!


Belle Swingers, APD Advanced workshop Wednesdays in Sunnyvale (Joe Dehn, Mary Gingell, Bill van Melle).

PACE and Advanced Squares of Fremont hold Friday A-2 dances with an out-of-area caller about once a month.

More Advanced dancing in the Bay Area.


C-1 includes all the calls from Plus ... and Mainstream ... and Basic.
The more reliably you can dance these calls, the easier you will find the rest of C-1.
  • For APD practice, attend Stanford Quads whenever you can.
  • If you find the Triple Boxes, Triple Lines, and Phantom concepts are giving you difficulty, you can get practice dancing calls with phantoms at any Plus club or hoedown by dancing in a partial square at the back of the hall. Whenever there aren't enough people to make that last square, turn it into an opportunity for phantom dancing practice.
  • Attend a beginner class as an angel.